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2018 Vol.43, Issue 3 Preview Page
September 2018. pp. 194-201

Purpose: The objective of this study was to propose a formula for the theoretical grain mean transport velocities of an elliptically moving oscillator by modifying the grain mean transport velocity formula applied to linear motion and to compare the calculated values with the experimental values of grain mean transport velocity. Methods: The values of the throwing index (Kv) and the maximum horizontal velocities for various positions on the elliptical oscillator were obtained using kinematic analysis. To obtain the actual grain transport velocity, the mean transport velocities of perilla grains at six positions on the sieve surface were measured using a high-speed camera and compared with the theoretical values. The cam with an eccentric bearing on the oscillator was designed to be eccentric by 1.6 cm so that the lengths of the major axis of the elliptical motion were 3.2–3.6 cm. The material used in the experiments was perilla grain. Results: The experimental result was consistent with the theoretical value calculated using the proposed formula (R2 is 0.80). It is considered that the angle difference between the maximum accelerations in the directions vertical and horizontal to the sieve has as much influence on the grain mean transport velocity as the value of Kv itself. Conclusions: It was possible to theoretically obtain the grain mean transport velocities through a screening device in elliptical motion by modifying the formula of the grain mean transport velocities used in linear motion.

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  • Publisher :The Korean Society for Agricultural Machinery
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국농업기계학회
  • Journal Title :Journal of Biosystems Engineering
  • Journal Title(Ko) :바이오시스템공학
  • Volume : 43
  • No :3
  • Pages :194-201
  • Received Date :2018. 08. 14
  • Accepted Date : 2018. 09. 06